Build the website

For build your website there are two way:

  • Auto generation
  • Self made

If you want do all by your self and make custom gallery and use many section, you need follow

But if is just for make gallery with only picture you can generate it automatically.

You need

  1. Create a folder
  2. Put all pics you want
  3. Create settings.yaml file in the folder
  4. Add title, date and cover key in folder/settings.yaml
  5. Use prosopopee autogen -d folder


Note: You need to be in an activated virtualenv.

In a folder containing the root settings.yaml file, simply do:


A build folder will be created in the current directory, containing an index.html, static files (css & js) and pictures.


In a root folder launch this command:

prosopopee preview

Then, you can check your website at http://localhost:9000

You can also provide custom port for the webserver:

prosopopee preview -p 8080

And proceed to http://localhost:8080


Prosopopee can upload your website with rsync, to do so, run:

prosopopee deploy